Jeep 4.0

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F&B Jeep 4.0 throttle bodies are available in 62mm and 68mm bore diameters (stock throttle body diameter is 60mm necked to 56mm). Some intake manifold porting should be done to enlarge the manifold opening for the 68mm throttle bodies.
Either throttle body can be ordered with either the 2 screw IAC motor housing or the 1 screw, later IAC motor housing. Our Jeep 4.0 throttle bodies have a 3" inlet and are compatible with stock air intake systems and most aftermarket air intake systems.

The 68mm Jeep throttle body is perfect for stroked, modified motors, while the 62mm is better suited for stock displacement applications. The 62mm has been approved for JeepSpeed racing stock class and the 68mm is approved for open class races. The Jeep kits come with a high temp silicone coupling, gasket, and hardware.