F&B Performance Engineered Products has been designing and manufacturing high performance throttle bodies for over 20 years Installation of F&B Performance Engineered Products on your vehicle is easy, with complete kits, solid engineering and comprehensive instructions.

F&B Performance products have proven reliability and superior materials of construction. All of our throttle body’s are made with 17-4 stainless steel shafts, Fully sealed high chromium ball bearings and 304 stainless linkages and hardware. F&B Throttle Bodies are made to order with current technology. Not sitting on a shelf for years.

F&B individual Throttlebodies are designed for their specific application, allowing the use of all OEM sensors and idle control motors as well as using factory bolt patterns. Most of our throttle bodies will require intake manifold porting to provide maximum performance on the track.

Our six barrel intakes (aka; 6-Pack or six pack, 3 deuces,tripower) provide the performance of a modern variable runner length intake with the looks of a classic 6bbl system. F&B Performance Engineered Products 6 barrel intake systems can increase MPG and are capable of supporting over 700(hp) horsepower.
The F&B Six Barrel Intakes can be customized for your specific needs. We can convert virtually any intake to multi-port EFI technology with single or multiple throttle bodies.
Contact Us if you don’t see a system for your particular make to discuss your needs!